Horses Walking Pace

Minutes to

Go 1 Mile

Miles Covered Per

Hour (mph)


​​Don't know how far you've gone on a trail?  Not to worry, you can estimate based on time and average speed of your horse.  First, you'll need to determine your horse's walking speed.  Use your car's odometer to measure 1 mile of trail near a road.  While on your horse, walk this mile at his normal pace and time how long he takes to cover the distance.  Use the chart below to calculate how fast he typically walks per hour. Time your next trail ride to see how far you've gone based on how fast your horse walks. 

For an easy  tracking system, download our Trail Log (Excel).  The Trail Log automatically calculates the Summary page that you'll send to Linda Golding at for end-of-year reporting.   

Geauga County Chapter of the OHC wants the Ohio legislature to feel the strength of our commitment to riding and the vision of OHC.  You can become another voice in protecting trails and expanding equine opportunities opened to riders by tracking and entering your riding miles/hours each year.  Let your voice be heard!

​​What will you gain when you and your horse spend time together and/or ride trails with GOHC members?  

  • A stronger relationship and connection; 
  • a love and appreciation of Mother Nature's artwork; 
  • friends who share your passion; and
  • jacket patches that show your commitment to ride!   

Send ALL year-end 

summaries to Linda Golding


Questions?  Please call Linda at 440/669-6369.

You can track using your own system


download our easy-to-use spreadsheet below.

However, if you trot or canter during the trail ride, you may want to use 4 mph, the average most riders use.

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